Board of Directors

Below is contact information for the members of the Board of Directors for Brother, Help Thyself, Inc. These Directors are the governing body of BHT and have fiduciary responsibility for the corporation.

Brother Help Thyself is an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff, and board members are not compensated.


BHT President –

Jim Slattery
Phone: 202-256-5869


BHT Vice President –
C.O.M.M.A.N.D. Director

Andrew McCarty
Phone: 410-978-8191

BHT Secretary –
ASGRA Alternate Director

Beth Brockelman
Phone: 240-447-4139

BHT Treasurer –
Chesapeake Bay Bears Director

Mark Clark
Phone: 301-625-5656

BHT Executive Director –
Centaurs MC Director

Chaz Dean

DC Bear Club Director

(Thumper Bear) Bradley Hill

Defenders MC Director
Development Committee Chair

Frederick Bowers
Phone: 703-892-0375

SigMa Director –
Grant Committee Chair

Brendan Raden

Spartans MC Director –
Communications Committee Chair

Jonny Gentry
Phone: 202-642-2347

ASGRA Director

Mike Lentz
Phone: 240-447-4139